Monday, June 25, 2007

So much stuff...

The last few weeks have been pretty busy. We went up to SPU for my sister's graduation the 2nd week of June. I took lots of photos, but haven't finished going through them yet to decide which to post, etc. We also got to see Anne in The Seven Keys of Baldpate at Taproot, which was awesome (as usual)!

Last weekend we hung around home and spent Father's Day with my family, which was a lot of fun.

This weekend we went camping with 3 other couples from our small group at Cape Lookout, near Tillamook. We had a lot of fun just hanging out & talking. We were lucky and got a whole afternoon of sunshine on Saturday. We went to the cheese factory, and then spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach playing around. Had a great bbq followed by yummy banana boats (smores in a banana instead of a graham cracker!) and smores. Saturday night it poured. We stayed mostly dry, cept for a few things left outside, but didn't get much sleep. Rain on a tent is surprisingly loud! All in all...we can't wait to go camping again!

Here's some photos from the camping trip.

We're going up to Seattle this weekend - for a wedding reception and to apartment hunt.

Have a great week. And if you're reading this...let me know & we'll go out for coffee. Ha.

Monday, June 4, 2007

It's been a month...

Sad! I like writing stuff. But, I don't ever think anyone's reading it so I'm not too bent on keeping it updated I guess. Yesterday we hiked Dog Mountain. It was rough. Beautiful though! Here's a slideshow of the photos I took. (Yay Picasa!!!)

The trail is steep, with about a 3600ft elevation gain in a little under 4 miles. And then steep going back down too...of course :-) We did the 'less difficult' trail. Apparently the more difficult trail you use your hands a lot to grip the trail, it's so steep (according to a guy at work...) I am thankful for my friend Sara who suggested I get a camelbak to go inside my backpack. We went to REI, where a great salesperson helped me pick out what I needed. I ended up getting a 3Liter reservoir (the max my daypack can take), because it was the same price as the 2liter, and we decided I could just not fill it up all the way. Well, I ended up filling it all the way, and taking 2 waterbottles, one of which we left in the car. So, Adam and I had 4 liters of water between the 2 of us for the hike. Glad I filled it up. We ran out about 30min from the bottom on the way back. And that was after my mom gave Adam another 1/2 bottle from her water, and we shared her last 1/2 bottle between the 3 of us. So...we were glad we had that extra bottle in the car. :-)

We ate at the Charburger on the way back. Yum as usual. Had coconut cream pie with my burger :-)

In other goings on...well...there's not a whole lot :-) Work, sleep, play. We've been gearing up to play some disc golf - got a driver and a putter for both of us - there's a 9-holecourse about 3 blocks away from our apartment!

The pottery continues, Adam's class at PSU is almost done (boy will he be happy!), and my sister graduates from SPU next weekend.

That's enough for now. Happy Monday :-)