Monday, March 8, 2010

Down to 4!

So, I finished 2 projects over the weekend.  The Endpaper Hat for mom (ravlink), and officially finished my Hedgerow socks (ravlink).  Both a success I think!  Just hoping the hat fits mom w/ the liner sewn in.  This puts my project count at 2 on-the-needles, and 2 felted/sewing projects.  Since making the deal about the number of projects I have going on, we decided that the sewing projects don't really count.  (Especially since what's keeping me from finishing those is the disaster that is my desk...)  Also, from my initial list, I frogged (knit-speak for un-raveled) #2, and will frog #10 as soon as I find it...
Details on the Endpaper Hat
Pattern: Endpaper Hat by Kate Hiester(ravlink) - Pattern is from Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Suri Merino in blue and cream
Needles: Final version on US 7s
Time elapsed: Too much!
Attepmts: 2 (first wasy VERY small... note to self, 2 strands doesn't mean pull tighter...also, check gauge sooner...)
Firsts: This project had a lot of firsts - it was my first stranded project,  my first doing the vertical double decreases that make the white lines on the crown, first doing applied (or any!) i-cord, and first doing a sewn in liner (don't make fun of my hand sewing...).

Guess what that means!  I'm down to 2 knitting projects!  And yep, I definitely started a new project (and have about 15 more in my head).  I am swatching for the February Fitted Pullover using a brilliant blue cotton-acrylic that I recycled from a Value Village sweater.  Actually fairly similar in color to the pattern photo. 
I'm still making progress on my Kimono sweater also - the back is nearly done (about 1 in to go).  I'm thinking of making it a 3/4 length sleeve top also, since it has billowy kimono style sleeves that would annoy me if I wore it to work.  I finally figure out with the cotton - I really get messed up if I work on it too long.  Shoulders/neck get all knotted.  Soooo, I've been working on it at lunch at work - 4-5 rows at a time (back rows are long, and the purl rows take forever...).  Perfect!  Progress + no soreness! 
Now I just have to figure out what yarn to use for summer tops, etc, since apparently lots of 100% cotton is not a great idea.  Lined up right now are the Feb. Fitted Pullover, and the Shaped Lace Tee from Knitting Lingerie Style (ravlink).  For the lacy tee, I have some Cascade Sierra, which has some wool in it.  I'm really looking forward to trying it out!
I suppose that's enough knitting talk for one day.  Hope you're having a great week!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mostly Hats

Ok, so this is pathetically late, but I thought I already hit the 'post' button.  Apparently I should think harder. Or something.  These are projects I did mostly for Christmas, with a few others sprinkled in.  All of these projects were great, and I would recommend/remake every pattern. 

The Not-yet-blogged-but-already-finished (mostly) Knitting List includes (photos appear in clockwise order, w/ first of group on top left):

#1 - Turn-A-Square Hat for Dad - This was actually a birthday gift, but completed in the midst of these others. (ravlink)  The pattern is fairly popular among knitters, and gets its name from the top view - the stripes (subtle in my version) make squares. 
#2 - Endpaper Hat for Mom - ya, this was Christmas knitting.  Ask me WHY it is still on my to-be-finished list...(really...i have no good reason.) (ravlink).  This pattern borrows the colorwork pattern from the Endpaper Mitts
#3 - Jane hat for Sister - This was given a bit before Christmas, since she pulled it out of my purse to show off my knitting to a friend (she didn't know it was for her...). (ravlink)  This is one of the 3 hats I've done by Jane Richmond (see my last post for the 3rd). 
#4 - Snapdragon Tam for Aunt - It was cold in Texas this year! (ravlink)  This was the 2nd cable project I've ever done.  This is one of Ysolda's patterns, it was very well written.

#5 - Butterfly Beret for Mom - She got two!  Well, this one is actually done. ;-)  And I hear has gotten a lot of use. (ravlink)  It's a great, loose fitting but sharp looking pattern.
#6 - Candle Flame Scarf for Mom-in-Law - I want some of this yarn for myself - it is SO soft, and superwash!  Scarf is a shorter one with keyhole. (ravlink)
#7 - Last Minute Beret for Mom-in-Law - To use up the bits remaining from #6. (ravlink)
#8 - Austin Cap for me - otherwise known as the "I Need a Hiking Hat for tomorrow" Hat (ravlink)  This photo is actually missing the brim that I've added since then. 

#9 - Autumn hat for me - This used to be a belt... (ravlink)

As for yarn, #s 1, 3, 4, 7, and 8 are Cascade 220 Superwash (#8 is actually made of leftovers from #1).  6/7 are Lornas Laces Shepherd Worsted (super soft!!!).  9 is Cascade Venezia (only one that's not machine washable).  Superwash is awesome!  I've really enjoyed working with the Cascade 220 so far - it's less expensive, has great results, and softens up nicely when washed.  I'm looking forward to making something bigger out of some in the (near?) future.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Two more down. Kind of.

My knitting project count is officially 1 less!  I finished the Drops 103-1 jacket late last week (ravlink).   This leaves 7 projects.
Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Forest Heather, nearly 27 skeins, held 3x. (ok, call me crazy now...).  Biggest problem I might have with this sweater: Um...Do I have to wash this in the bathtub? Cause it's not going to fit in my bathroom is debatable. 
I wore it Friday to work - not much AT work cause it's too warm - and then as a coat on Saturday.  I got a couple complements from random people on the ferry just after this photo was taken.  That made my day!  The buttons are from Nancy's Sewing Basket.

I cheated a bit on the 'no new projects' rule (see that post on my knitting proj. count) and made a Pasha hat this weekend
(ravlink).  This is for one of my sister's friends.  She picked out the yarn color (which is fantastic!) and the pattern (equally great!).  This is the third hat I've made by Jane Richmond.  All 3 have been quick, easy, well written, and had a great fit.  The other two were Autumn (ravlink) and Jane (ravlink), which I apparently never posted about.  More on those next time (I think there was a post in my head from Christmas time which never actually got done...oops.).

We spent this weekend running around like crazy - Silverdale on Saturday, and around Seattle on Sunday.  Silverdale included a trip to a great breakfast place with the in-laws, a haircut, and a retirement party for a great-uncle. Oh, and I got a new purse. :-)  Sunday included church, a show that my college roommate is in, and flute choir (all on opposite ends of town, of course...). 

In other news, I've learned to drink Americanos.  All due to one that hub got at our favorite Kirkland coffee shop, Urban Coffee Lounge.  That first one is still the best I've had...but I'm giving them a shot.  (ha, a 'shot'.  ok not that funny.)