Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mostly Hats

Ok, so this is pathetically late, but I thought I already hit the 'post' button.  Apparently I should think harder. Or something.  These are projects I did mostly for Christmas, with a few others sprinkled in.  All of these projects were great, and I would recommend/remake every pattern. 

The Not-yet-blogged-but-already-finished (mostly) Knitting List includes (photos appear in clockwise order, w/ first of group on top left):

#1 - Turn-A-Square Hat for Dad - This was actually a birthday gift, but completed in the midst of these others. (ravlink)  The pattern is fairly popular among knitters, and gets its name from the top view - the stripes (subtle in my version) make squares. 
#2 - Endpaper Hat for Mom - ya, this was Christmas knitting.  Ask me WHY it is still on my to-be-finished list...(really...i have no good reason.) (ravlink).  This pattern borrows the colorwork pattern from the Endpaper Mitts
#3 - Jane hat for Sister - This was given a bit before Christmas, since she pulled it out of my purse to show off my knitting to a friend (she didn't know it was for her...). (ravlink)  This is one of the 3 hats I've done by Jane Richmond (see my last post for the 3rd). 
#4 - Snapdragon Tam for Aunt - It was cold in Texas this year! (ravlink)  This was the 2nd cable project I've ever done.  This is one of Ysolda's patterns, it was very well written.

#5 - Butterfly Beret for Mom - She got two!  Well, this one is actually done. ;-)  And I hear has gotten a lot of use. (ravlink)  It's a great, loose fitting but sharp looking pattern.
#6 - Candle Flame Scarf for Mom-in-Law - I want some of this yarn for myself - it is SO soft, and superwash!  Scarf is a shorter one with keyhole. (ravlink)
#7 - Last Minute Beret for Mom-in-Law - To use up the bits remaining from #6. (ravlink)
#8 - Austin Cap for me - otherwise known as the "I Need a Hiking Hat for tomorrow" Hat (ravlink)  This photo is actually missing the brim that I've added since then. 

#9 - Autumn hat for me - This used to be a belt... (ravlink)

As for yarn, #s 1, 3, 4, 7, and 8 are Cascade 220 Superwash (#8 is actually made of leftovers from #1).  6/7 are Lornas Laces Shepherd Worsted (super soft!!!).  9 is Cascade Venezia (only one that's not machine washable).  Superwash is awesome!  I've really enjoyed working with the Cascade 220 so far - it's less expensive, has great results, and softens up nicely when washed.  I'm looking forward to making something bigger out of some in the (near?) future.

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