Monday, April 27, 2009

Very Short Weekend

I started 3 new knitting projects this weekend. Well...2.5 really. Started a pair of Hedera socks in Knit Picks Risatta - a blue color, dont remember the name off the top of my head. I'm nearly to the heel flap on the first sock. WAY faster than the Monkeys...somehow...

I also cast on for the Delphine from French Girl Knits with Just Soya in a dark pinkish color. I am modifying it a bit...not sure of the (final) details yet, but I have big hips, and want it to be longish. I cast on for the largest size, and adjusted the lace repeats w/ the intent of doing 2 rounds of decreases to get it to the medium size (basically doing p3s instead of p2s). However, I'm a bit off on the gauge, so may have to readjust.

I also bought a skein of Alpaca with a Twist Fino to make a Windemere Scarf for a gift.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trying it Again...

Well, I can manage to keep a journal going on, but for some reason can't keep this one going. I think I'll try again. I want to have a place share with people other than those on CC :-)

The latest with me:
Photos - I haven't been taking enough!
Food - I still love to cook! This week we made these Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Sweet and Spicy Sauce.
Other thoughts - We're working on buying a townhouse!

And I added crafting to the title of the blog...Lately the crafting has been knitting :-) I have a ravelry account to keep track of my knitting projects. (Unfortunately you have to have an account to look at it...sorry about that. Will try to duplicate info to some extent).

More to come!