Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We made Pho last night. Well, it's kind of quick Pho. Real Pho is more like this, I think. It was pretty good! (It was pretty too! I thought about taking a photo, but it was really dark...) I'd do it again, for sure. It was a perfect evening for it also - clouding up for a big storm. We had big winds and huge rains over night. Our little creek outside is quite high this morning. My husband asked where my ears went this morning - they were hiding under my big king sized down pillow folded around my head. It was loud. I hate storms.

I started another project last night. Bought some cotton at Fred Meyer for a gift that shall become known later...shh it's a secret. But it will be similar to another project I've already completed. The socks are done. The photos are uploaded to the internet, but not posted anywhere yet. The cute lacy shirt is waiting for needles to arrive (hopefully before this weekend?!). The lacy scarf is going to wait for this other project to finish, I think. I also have to decide if I want to go back and fix the yo I missed. Darn it. I'm hoping we can do the Wednesday night knitting group that has been happening the last couple weeks near my apartment, also.

We also played a new game last night! Well...new to me. Oh - yeah, I'm not sure I've mentioned it before...but we're big gamers. Board gamers. And...I'm not talking Monopoly or Scrabble. Last night the game was Small World. It was fun! I lost. That just means we need to play again ;-) Oh - also - this is the true reason that we are looking for a place to buy. We have SO MANY games, there's not enough shelves to put them on. Yeah. It's bad (or good?). In fact, the owner and staff at the local game store know my husband by name.

Happy thought for the day: The local Farmer's Market opens tomorrow!!! Sure, there won't be a ton of produce yet, but it's always fun anyway! Don't forget to check yours out!!!

Hope it's sunnier where you are! As my dad put it yesterday - he had to turn his windshield wipers on high to keep the fish off because it was raining so hard...

Friday, May 1, 2009

What's New?!

Well...not much ;-)

This week Wednesday I met with 4 other gals in the area for some knitting at the Urban Coffee Lounge. It's weird for me to be the instigator of something like this...but hey! It seems to be working out pretty well.

Project updates...the Delphine lacy tank that I've started on is going well I think. I have finished the first section (only 2.25in or so). I have a lifeline in it and tonight if I have time I'll take it off the needles to make sure it fits before I start the next section.

The Hedera sock that I started will have to be ripped out - it's too small & the cuff doesn't fit over my heel.

Next project to start: the Windemere scarf.

For the Delphine and the scarf I am short needles. I put in an order this morning from Knitpicks for the circulars I need. I think I'll run to a yarn shop for some straights to start the scarf on while I wait. We'll see :-)