Monday, July 21, 2008

Been a while again...

Ok, so I nearly daily post on a website called Calorie Count, so I decided that I'm just going to copy it over to this as well, and see if anyone picks up on it. It will be a bit heavy on the what I ate stuff. Will try to get back into including recipes, maybe photos. Post from today...

What a weekend. Drove down to Portland Friday am, made it in good time - 4hrs almost exactly.

Friday activities: went to the Columbia Sportswear employee store, as is customary when we visit. Ahh the discount - 50-60% off is awesome! Dinner w/ my parents also included some friends from down there. Also met w/ our financial advisor.

Friday food: b: cereal probably w/ fruit (don't remember); l: half a reuben sandwich, fruit plate (1 banana, few strawberries, bit of cantelope, watermelon); d: really good german sausage (made in Portland by Zenner's Sausage Co), with some baked beans, pasta salad, fruit and chips, followed by dessert of strawberry-blueberry-rhubarb crisp (stuff from parent's yard) and vanilla ice cream.

Saturday activities: Took husband to a friends house (people we had dinner w/ Fri) to play D&D all weekend. Stopped at my favorite coffee shop, Insomnia Coffee Co, but have given up coffee for a bit - ended up w/ a racing heart last week, decided I'd had enough caffeine for a while... Got jasmine tea. My FAVORITE tea right now. As long as I can support them, it's good. Then my parents and I went to my grandparents for lunch - hadn't seen them for a while, so that was really good. Then went sailing for a couple hours on my parents Thistle. It's a very active sail, and we were on the Wilamette, which is a very...blustery sail. One of my friends came down after she got off work and we took her out for about half an hour also. She and I grabbed some burgers afterward, then I went back home w/ my parents.

Sat. Food: B: multigrain cheerios w/ a ton of freshly picked blueberries, 2 slices of pumpkin bread; L: a responsible sized piece of salmon, grandma's coleslaw, too much pumpkin bread and cookies; D: heart attack on a bun - Burger I got was a 1/2lb (locally raised/grassfed beef) burger, complege w/ canadian bacon and bacon bacon, bbq sauce and cheese. YUM. I cut it in half and actually only ate half! Ate all the fries. Had more crisp w/ ice cream when we got home.

Sunday Activities: Church, Krispy Kreme, Lunch, Bike Shopping, relaxing, train ride home.

Sunday Food: B: Same as Sat, no bread. :-); S: Apple fritter, 1/2 a strawberry milk at krispy kreme; L: 1 egg (steamed - kinda poached) 3 blueberry pancakes w/ syrup, ice lychee tea (grandpa's favorite...); snack: wheat thins, grapes, 8oz mojito; d: roast beef sandwich, string cheese, too many kettle chips, and a cookie I shouldn't have eatten.

All in all, it was a great weekend. The bike shopping was good - I think I'm definitely ready to try riding some now, and hopefully buy one in the next few weeks.

Softball game tonight at 8:45. Trying to decide if i want to work out before that...maybe bike ride?

Food for today: Breakfast: Good friends mixed w/ a bit of GoLean Crunch, bunch of blueberries, milk. Lunch: leftover Spanish rice w/ black beans, two corn tortillas, pretzels, snap peas. Dinner: mac & cheese from a box (um...we definitely have no food in the house...), possibly some hotdogs in the m&c.

Ok...enough :-) Have a great Monday!

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