Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Now that we're nearing the weekend after...How was your Labor Day Weekend?

Mine was fairly uneventful. The hub was at PAX Fri/Sat/Sun. I spent time working on a gift, to be shown off later. It's a knitting gift - a sweater for a friend. I'm liking how it's turning out so far! While knitting on Sat, I revisited the first season of Gilmore Girls. ;-)

I also did a bit of cooking... Starting with these pie pumpkins, from my parent's garden.

They were cooked, processed, and frozen, for making pies and bread. Yum.

The cooking continued with a batch of zucchini bread, and then a pot full of beets, also from my parent's garden.

Sunday I got to hang out with a friend & knit for most of the day - she has a fantastic knitting machine that she got for a bargain at an estate sale & was showing me how it works. Dangerous!

Monday was a lounging day. We shopped, hung out, etc.

Also - My other half showed me this link the other day - seems that one of my favorite things, Ravelry, is so cool it's showing up in his part of the (tech) world!

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