Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Other Previously Secret Project

My sister received her birthday gift just a day or two after I posted last, but by then I was off for a bit of vacation. More on that later.

Here's the project I made for her... And she likes it!
It's an Amy Butler Frenchy Bag, made with Midwest Modern Trailing Cherry, Martini, and lined/strapped with matching gray.

Up Close...

And inside...

This is, I believe, by far the most complex thing I've ever sewn (yeah, ok...I maybe should try sewing more ;-) ). I think, added together, it probably took me about 10 hrs to do. But, that takes into account all the setting up, ironing, cutting, etc, on top of the fact that the last thing I sewed was a pair of pj shorts probably 5 yrs ago. I was trying to pay attention & do it right. I even (mostly) followed the pattern! The mostly - I couldn't get all the pieces arranged on the fabric I bought as shown on their layout guides, so the straps aren't technically the correct fabric, and they are a bit shorter than supposed to be. Oh well, I like it!

The actual sewing part was a lot of fun also! I have a fantastic (well, ok, probably will make some people snicker...) sewing machine - an old Singer Graduate Model 935 - which came out of my mother in law's school's throw away pile several years ago. Major score for me! It has worked perfectly each time I've used it. The only problem - I have no manual, so I have to mess around to figure out how to do stuff.

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