Monday, August 10, 2009

Two Big Projects Finished!!!

Here's a 'group' photo of my 2 most recent finished projects!

The sweater is my Delphine (ravlink) and the puzzle is the Ravensburger World Map, 1665, which happens to have 3000 pieces! The sweater has been a project since April, the puzzle since, oh, early December 2008. BOY will it be nice to have our dining room table back!!! (or be able to take the extra leaf out of it and have the living room back!)

Check this one out for scale...

Here I am modeling the Delphine

In other news...It just started RAINING!!! Hm. Seems that here in the Pacific NW we've had less than 1in of rain since MAY. Um, yeah, guess it's about time... But I've definitely gotten a good dose of Vitamin D this summer.

I've been looking at a lot of photos today. Seems that 2 years ago I purchased 400 prepaid prints from Shutterfly. 380 of them are set to expire on Aug. 15th. Um...apparently my photo ordering came to a screeching hault around the first of the year, 2008. Oops. I think I'll try to figure out how to make a collage of some of my favorites. They definitely aren't all up here...

More photos soon as my other finished project for last week is received by #1 Sister!


elaida said...

They both look great, I love the map! When you are finished do you do something with it like frame it? It's a gorgeous puzzle and obviously took some time so I hope it doesn't just get broken apart!

Sydney said...

Nope, I broke it all apart the other day. Hence the photos ;-)

We really don't have space to keep something like back into the box it goes. More fun for next time!