Monday, November 16, 2009

Look what I did!

That's Corriedale wool that I spun!

I took a drop spindle class yesterday. Um...dangerous. :-) I think I'll be doing more of this!

However...I have to keep in mind the other projects I have going on and want to have going on...

Notably, the 7 projects that are actually started, and the 1 that has been partially dissected on paper. Oh - and those are only the knitting projects. That doesn't include the Christmas cards that I've been wanting to make. (Which I told myself last year that I'd give up on if they aren't done by Thanksgiving...much of the holiday season was spent freaking out over finishing the cards... Oh, and I haven't started them. Nope. Hardly even an idea yet.)

On the knitting projects, I've been continuing slowly on them. I can see progress!

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