Wednesday, November 4, 2009

View from our Window

So, I still haven't managed to find the photos of our new place...they apparently weren't on my camera...Hope they're still on the other one ;-)

But! Here's a photo from our bedroom window.

The tree to the left is now naked & all the leaves have been blown away by the landscapers. But the tree below (the one at the right of the photo above) still has leaves & is less green now.

This photo is my background right now at work. I took it on one of our lunch time walks in the parking lot.
This one is also from the walk...There are trees like that around about 1/3 of the campus, and also lining several blocks of the street outside our campus. So pretty!

Ha! I'm doing well catching up on the posts I could almost do while my camera cable was missing... There are still a couple more. :-)

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