Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sick = Knitting time

I stayed home sick a couple days last week - nothing too horrible, just didn't want to spread it around the office. While I was out...I got to work on 2 of my ongoing (for too long?) projects.

The first is a pair of socks that I started in June, which had taken a long break to accomodate other projects. Pattern: Hedgerow socks (ravlink). Yarn is KP Essential Kettle Dyed. I finished the first sock, but haven't gotten a photo yet, so here's an old one ;-) The finished first sock fits perfectly & I'm sure I'll wear them often!

Besides the sock, I made quite a bit of progress on my Kimono Sweater, and hopefully can move past the (endless?) cabling this weekend and on to the (endless) stockinett stitch upper body ;-)

I also was able to gift the Anhinga sweater (ravlink) to it's recipient a couple weekends ago. It looks super cute on her & I hope she can get a lot of wear out of it.

That's enough for a Tuesday ;-) I (obviously...) found my camera cable & have lots of photos to share!

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